Apply Mouseover style effect on different widget (Flicker problem)

Video shows it better:

I have grouped the background with text ‘GYM’.
When the Mouse goes over background, image filter applies, it does work BUT, when user hovers on Text box, the image filter for the background stops working, why? Even though the interactions are for THIS GROUP and I do have “Fire Mouse Style Effects” enabled.
Please help, this issue drives me crazy.

I’d have to see your .rp file to see how you have this set up and coded, but what you describe should work the way you expect–and it does for me (at least with common browsers on Win10.) See this demo I made.

group hover-click.rp (70.9 KB)

  • Everything works correctly for me–hovering over background and text has same effect.

  • The top element is a group with two widgets: Label and Image.

    • The group has a Click or Tap event to show/hide a text message.
    • After ensuring this works correctly, I added Mouse Enter and Mouse Exit events to the Label, just to double-check that it wouldn’t somehow cause a conflict–it doesn’t, and all still works.
  • The second element is a group with same two widgets, but separate Click or Tap events are assigned to each widget instead of the group. All still works the same.

  • The third element is just a single Image widget with a text value assigned.

    • Since (I assume) your text and image don’t have separate interactions (as you state all interactions are for the group) this should be a bulletproof solution.
    • To create it, I duplicated the group, ungrouped the duplicate, selected the image and typed “GYM” (or you can right-click any widget and choose “Edit Text”.) Then I adjusted the STYLE: PADDING and STYLE:TYPOGRAPHY settings so the location and look of the text matched the Label widget. Then I deleted the Label widget.

It could be this works great on Windows but not Mac, or not Safari for some reason. Or, maybe something is corrupted/broken temporarily in your browser, your Axure app, graphics engine, or some system resource, and restarting both (and possibly rebooting your system) could fix it. It could also be your .rp file is corrupted, and starting a new file could fix it. You could try closing your browser and Axure, restarting Axure, recreating this bit in a new file (from scratch, not copy&paste) to see if that works. You can also email and attach your .rp file. They are usually quick to respond and good at troubleshooting issues.