Applying filter reverts repeater to default?

I’m having some issues getting a filter applied to my repeater. When I engage the filter, the filtered items are reverted to the repeater’s default state. Oddly enough, before reverting, the filter does seem to catch the correct filter targets. For the life of me I cannot figure out why.

I’ve tried applying the ‘OnLoad Set Text’ calls to both the canvas, and each repeater; but it didn’t seem to have any impact on my filter problem.

The goal is to add a filter to each repeater that will allow the table to be filtered by the contents of the ‘Condition Code’ field. I assumed that using several repeaters on the same page would lead to issues, so I’ve taken the initiative to name the repeaters and its fields uniquely.

The .rp file is attached

troubleshootRepeater.rp (1.5 MB)

For those interested, I think I have worked around my own problem.

I initiated the ‘Set Text’ for the repeaters on canvas load. Then I added ‘Item Loaded > Set Text’ to the repeater itself. This causes the repeater to reapply the Set Text action once the table is reset by the filter.

Yes, any time you “touch” a repeater, for example, applying a filter, adding/deleting/updating a row, etc. it causes the repeater to reload, thus triggering the repeater’s Item Loaded event. If you have directly changed any properties of a repeater’s cell after it has loaded, those changes will be lost. If you need to retain those changes, e.g., text, visibility, position, then you should apply those changes via the Item Loaded event and build in an action to handle it based on the repeater datasheet… So you would then essentially be updating the datasheet and that in turn would reflect the change in the repeater itself.

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