Area over case not working with slider

Hello, I am trying to make two values change based on the drag drop location of the slider. If I dont use any cases, the numbers update fine, but once I introduce, “if this is over the area of box” then the numbers dont update. Anyone have any ideas on why this isnt working? Thanks in advanced!

Slider.rp (52.2 KB)

This was a bit of a head scratcher :thinking: …Seems like your code should work.*

I think the root issue is there are three boundaries set for the DRAGGED event when you only need two. The “top” boundary seems to cause the conflict. So, the solution is to use the “Move with drag X” option, which limits movement to the x-dimension (left/right) only, and get rid of any “top” and “bottom” boundaries:

This with drag X with boundaries: left >= (value), right <= (value)

I updated your file with a demonstration.
Slider-Update on DragDroped.rp (82.9 KB)

*Note: This could technically be considered a bug, but because Axure provides the built-in options to restrict movement to one dimension, it could also be considered just a syntax error on your part --although through no fault of your own. :man_shrugging:

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Ah, thank you so much! I haven’t used the drag feature in a long time so I was stuck and about to give up. Your solutions work perfectly!

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