Attaching a document in axure screen


I have a pdf document that I need to attach on my Wireframe screen so that whenever I want I can click the link or icon to open the attachment. Kindly let me know how can I achieve this.

I have just done this and it is fairly easy to do.

  1. Insert an inline frame into your Axure file
  2. Double click the inline frame
  3. Place your link at the bottom after you click the check box
  4. That’s it!
    Now when you open the Axure file you should see the content of your file/url within the inline frame.

Good luck with your project!


I don’t understand what link are you mentioning about. I have a separate pdf document and no links. Is there a way to add a link in axure page and on click of that open the document?

My bad, Rahul!

I misunderstood the reference to a link in your own query as that you were somehow hosting the pdf somewhere and already had a link for it.
It seems that having a pdf link in Axure is not an option but you might be able to take screenshots of the part you deem important and place them in Axure?
I hope you find this helpful.


  1. Insert any element where you want to put the attach.
    2.In interactions, on click, add a case, select open link, and in configure actions select the opcion of “Link to an external url or file”.
  2. in the space of hyperlink, you put the direction of the document. I think is necessary that the document exist in a public site, because you need to put a URL.

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