Attaching a single note to two tabs


I have 3 pages with two tabs which appear on all the 3 pages. Now I want to attach a single note to each tab but which should be applicable to all the 3 pages i.e. when i preview the pages the notes section on the left panel should display the notes only once and not three times for all the pages separately.

For your reference, in my file the two tabs are ‘Global’ & ‘Workspace’. There should be a single note for each of the tabs for all 3 pages (view/edit) and I wouldn’t want to enter the notes separately for each page with respect to the tab so that the notes section on preview displays only one note for each tab.

Please find attached my file.

watermarking design - Final Version.rp (1.1 MB)

Hi rahulzlpr,

There isn’t a way to control when widget notes get shown/hidden in the Notes tab of the HTML sidebar (e.g. widget notes get hidden once they’ve already been displayed on another page), but I’ll go ahead and file a feature request with our respective teams so they know this is something you’re interested in. For now, the best way to only show the widget notes once would be to only apply the notes to the widgets on one page, rather than to all three.

If I misunderstood, could you go into a little bit more detail on what you’d like to see for widget notes in the browser output? Ty!