Automatic flow generation

I wanted to ask if there is an option in Axure to generate flow automatically based on buttons with redirects with different cases?
Since I have to put those interactions into Axure anyway it would be only logical to be able to preview the programmed workflow. It would be one of the first features I would make creating such a program, but I can’t find it.

Hi mumik,

Hmm, Axure RP doesn’t build flow diagrams based off of interactions that you have set up, but it can automatically generate a flow diagram based off of the page hierarchy that you established in the Pages pane. From there, you can customize the generated flow diagram by editing the widgets and adding/moving connectors as needed:

Hopefully that helps a bit!

Well, that has awfully limited use. I was hoping for automated flow generation to:

  1. avoid mistakes when mapping interactions to flowchart
  2. debug interactions by regenerating flowchart and seeing if it goes the right way.

It seems Axure is big and expensive application that requires users to do as much as possible manually and save as little of their time as possible :confused:

This way it’s much safer and quicker to do mockups directly in HTML than in Axure.

Thanks for following up with your use case! I can see how this would be helpful to have. I’ll go ahead and put in a feature request with the product team for review. :slight_smile: Thanks!