AX10 bug toggling between font styles (with Roboto)


Italicizing text via cmd-i (at least with the Roboto font) causes it to switch font styles to the wrong style. This is easier to explain in pictures:

  1. Roboto Light font

  2. cmd-i to italicize selection, notice the font dropdowns seem to think it is Light Italic (which would be correct) but the actual text looks thinner.

  3. Click on the text reveals it’s actually Thin Italic instead of Light Italic

  4. Oddly, this does the same thing in reverse too. If I unitalicize the Thin Italic text, it will display as Thin in the dropdowns, but actually be Light. It will also show as light when clicking off and reselecting the text.


This is not just a RP 10 issue, our team has run into pretty this same problem multiple times (using Roboto), across multiple projects for a year now if not longer. We’ve even submitted bug reports. I just ran into it again today (in RP 9). I open a widget that SHOULD be Roboto Light, and the font will be Thin. I can change it to the correct weight, but somehow (not sure if it happens on save, commit to Axshare, etc) it will revert the Light font back to Thin. It’s been frustrating to say the least.


Bumping this, not sure what’s happening with forum monitoring lately.