Axshare comments - where was the note applied?

Hi all,

I’m testing the comments functionality with my team and I see some annonymous comments being applied to the prototype but it’s not clear where it was applied (which touch point) since the comment is ‘docked’ when I scroll up and down, and also the comment sticks there when I click through into other parts of the prototype.

Am I missing something here?

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Nope I don’t think you are. That sounds right. Hopefully the redesigned notes system in Ax9 will do the trick. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Wow this functionality is a complete fail, there’s no way for me to tell what the commenter is talking about because the comment just floats in some random place and doesn’t relate to a specific touch point.

I see Axure 9 has some improvement to this but it looks like comments are attached to the widget before publishing by the person creating the prototype for their developers to see, but is there a away to do this the other way around i.e. can the developers provide feedback with inline comments attached to a widget to the prototype that has already been plublished?

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