AxShare Interactive Redline Plugin


Much appreciated srm!

As of current, axure only allows you to have 1 artboard per page as opposed to sketch which supports one to many. I think it would be useful to have an option in the redline plugin to position all artboards to “Top” or “Center” within the browser. Possibly as a plugin setting…?

Thanks again!


@mojorisen I resolved the issue related to the overflowing tool. I have one question though. On the example AxShare project you shared, which version of the plugin are you using? Are you subscribed to @latest or did you specify a version number? I noticed a weird issue where it’s scrolling to the top left corner any time the document is resized. I can’t reproduce this in any of my projects,


Here is the code that I am using for the plugin…

The issue I’m seeing now is when I close the project panel the artboard shoots out of view and I have to scroll around to find it.


@mojorisen I don’t think whatever you copied in came through. If you pasted in something that had a script tag, as in < some script inside of brackets > then it will get removed by the forum because it blocks scripts from running. Inside of that script tag you should see something like:
or in place of “latest” it may have a version number like 3.0.5 etc… Can you share with me if you have a version number there or the tag “latest”?


Yes, the code I am using has the latest tag, not a number.


@mojorisen this artboard jumping is certainly a strange occurrence. From my testing, the scenario under which it occurs is very specific. It has to be an RP9 project that you have very-recently published. Then you have to open the project If you open the project from, the jumping issue isn’t present. It is also not present for any RP8 projects or any older RP9 projects.

Tracking the issue here:

Also, I am considering adding a button to disable the artboard concept for you. Perhaps right next to the tool enable button. I need to investigate a bit though. It might be tricky because the artboard is a fundamental part of the tool, so it might require a decent refactor. Give me a little time on this one.


@mojorisen the jumping artboard issue should be resolved. Sorry for the bug - there are three different ways to view an AxShare page and each of them functions in a different way so it’s hard for me to keep track of each issue and fix them all homogeneously.

On the note of bugs, is anyone else experiencing any bugs with V3? I noticed traffic dropped off a bit after deploying.


The jumping issue has been resolved! Thank you. However, did you intend to make the artboard transparent? Attached is a screenshot.


@mojorisen glad it’s resolved! And yes, I decided to change the artboard transparency. The artboard is a made up concept and I want to abstract it away a bit so that users hopefully feel less like it’s a part of their project. Users should define their own viewports on top of the blank canvas layer within Axure. One thing though - if the user has intentionally colored the artboard, then the transparency won’t be set.


Maybe this is again just 9beta issue but when assigning the canvas color and viewing it via the redline tool the canvas still renders as transparent.


@mojorisen thanks for letting me know! That was a bug on my part. It has been resolved.


Thanks for continuing to update this great tool!

I’m still experiencing a problem with transparent page backgrounds. When the page color in Axure is set to white, the background will turn transparent in the redline tool. If any color other than #FFFFFF is used then the page background goes back to opaque as intended. But for white it switches to fully transparent.

Also, I’m using Axure 9 Beta.


@iguy thanks for pointing this out! That’s definitely my fault. I noticed in some browsers that #FFFFFF was the default color for the artboard and for others it was ‘transparent’, so I check both. I will work on a resolution to this. You can track the progress here:


Thanks for being so responsive, srm985.


I’ve noticed an issue with the new version of the redline tool. Lines of text that include more than one color get messed up. If the text does not include line wrap, then it will remove the space between words with different colors. If the text includes line wrap, then it will add a new line between the words with different colors. When I disable the redline tool, this problem goes away. See the attached screen shot for an illustration.


Thanks for the details! I know the root of this issue but I can’t recall why I did it. I configured this because something else was acting funny. I’ll need to look back at the code and see why I thought I needed this. In the interim, here are the two tickets I created to track these issues.


First of all…again thanks for making this great tool available. It’s filling a much needed gap in Axure’s feature set.

I just tried using the latest version and have run into a strange issue that I don’t remember from previous times when I used your redline tool. I have a page with a few modals that come up as lightboxes. In autoredline mode I have no problem checking the specs of the main page, but autoredline doesn’t seem to work on the modal. I click in the modal but get no spec feedback in the right-hand panel. Here’s an example if it helps.

The modals can be triggered with either the ‘Mobile preview’ button or the ‘switch plan’ button.

All assistance very much appreciated.


@afwork thanks for the feedback and sharing the issue! I am able to reproduce it and will resolve it in the next release which should be going out this weekend. Here’s a ticket to track the issue.


@afwork can you create a second page which doesn’t have the redline tool? The way I perform local development and testing creates conflicts if there’s another instance of the tool already on the page.


Not a problem. Thanks for getting this into your queue.
Here’s the same page without the plugin: