AxShare Interactive Redline Plugin


Greetings all! Released an update to the tool over the weekend which should resolve all of the issues you’ve shared over the past couple of weeks. For those of you subscribed to @latest, you should see the updates. Otherwise, check out V3.1.0.

A couple of notes:
I’ve added the ability to toggle the artboard concept per some feedback from @mojorisen. That’s handled through a new icon.
As far as white artboards being rendered as transparent - there’s nothing I can do about that @iguy. The problem is how Axure exports white artboards. It doesn’t explicitly define a color so I can’t determine if it’s white because somebody set it to white or because it’s just the default. I’d like the default to be opaque because it abstracts the artboard a bit to that of a less interactive element. If you’d like to have a white artboard, your current options are to set the background color to something slightly less white, set the opacity to slightly less than 1, or to place a white square as the background, the full size of your desired artboard. I know this isn’t great and in the future, I plan to offer some more granular setting to control these things.

As usual, any bugs or feedback, just let me know!