Axshare Proxy for CNAME depreciation

My team is one of the many out there who are going to miss the CNAME feature Axshare has (had). I do however understand the benefits of having everything secured so definitely a matter of pros/cons.

We have used the HTML generate feature in the past but it’s more cumbersome than simply pushing the update button and having everything flow through.

Has anyone found a way to emulate the CNAME feature while still utilizing axshare as the host? I’ve done some research and it appears there are some configuration files within Apache that can create a proxy for axshare but I’m not familiar with how this works or whether it will actually solve the issue at hand without other considerations.

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Hi! We’re sorry that deprecation of the custom domains feature on Axure Share has impacted your workflow. If you’re still keen on customizing your domain while continuing to use Axure Share, then I’d recommend looking into whether using Axure Share Enterprise (on premises Axure Share) would work for your team, as it allows you to choose your domain. The section of the installation guide linked below explains a bit more on this:

The Axure Share Enterprise page linked below has more information about what else comes with installing an on-premises server. If you’re interested in exploring more of whether it would be a fit for you aside from the domain name, feel free to click the “Request More Info” on the page below to get in touch with our Enterprise team, or reach out via email to Thank you!

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