Axshare user account and password


When we share projects with AxShare, there is the ability to set the password. But what unfortunately happens, is that some of my fellow employees and vendors share this password with each other (e.g. in forwarded emails). This means also employees or vendors that we don’t want to see certain sensitive projects are able to see it if they simply obtain the password from somebody else.

Is it possible in AxShare to create users that have their own password per project? This way we can control who is viewing the project (of course people can still share this username/password), but it would give stakeholders the feeling that projects are better secured.

I know you can create a workspace and invite users to it, but this is more meant for collaborators. You still can make adjustments to e.g. domain settings, even if you have ‘view only’ rights. So this is not meeting our requirements.

Maybe I’m overlooking something, so any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hmm, if you don’t have this setting turned on already for your workspaces, then it sounds like enabling the “Limit URL Access” checkbox in your workspace security settings should help to limit your audience. That option makes it so that only users who have an Axure Share account that is invited to that workspace are able to view the prototype.

Hopefully that helps a bit!

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Hi Alyssa,
I have seen many questions related to security, and the enablement of passwords and limiting URL access to control the audience number etc. My question - is it possible to restrict access to the project based on the clients corporate IP Addr range, thereby only the legitimate corporate has access and not the public world that may have obtained the password via leakage?


Hi Marclino,

Hmm, it’s not currently possible to restrict access to prototypes based on IP ranges. The prototype passwords and limiting URL access should help to grant access only to users who have an Axure Share account that was invited to the workspace and who have the password. If you’re specifically looking to prevent external users from accessing your prototypes or to keep your prototypes within your corporate environment, then Axure Share Enterprise may help, since this will allow you to set up an on-premises instance of Enterprise that grants you tighter control over user permissions.

More details are below:

Hopefully that helps! :slight_smile: