Axure 10 crashing on launch - Big Sur - 11.5.1

I was super excited to start using Axure 10, sadly, no luck, it keeps crashing. I’m the one at work advocating for the use of Axure and this is just killing me. Can anyone help?

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Hello! Our support team can help with this. Since the crashing is happening frequently I would recommend sending an email to us at so that we can work with you directly via email to resolve the crash. Usually launch issues are due to user account permissions, so we’ll want to receive that information confidentially.

To help get us the info we need to diagnose the issue please send over the following:

  1. When you attempt to launch Axure RP, do you get any error dialogs? If so, please submit those error dialogs with your email address in the “Email” field and note that you’ve done so in the body of the email so that we can look up the error on our end.

  2. If Axure RP shows no error dialogs during launch and the application seems to bounce in the dock without opening, then please follow the “Permission Diagnostics” step linked below to generate an “AxureLog.txt” file. Please attach that file in your email to so that we can check if permissions are causing the issue.

  1. If Axure RP doesn’t crash immediately during launch and you’re able to see file content for a moment, then please let us know if this behavior seems to be specific to a particular file or happens even with a new file. If it’s file-specific we may need to take a look at the file in question to determine why it’s causing a crash.

We’ll keep an eye out for your email and help get you up and running! :slight_smile:

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