Axure 10 keeps crashing

I am on the most recent version of Mac OS and the most recent version of Axure 10 and it keeps crashing.
I also have the checkbox checked for beta updates.
Any advice?


Sorry to hear about the crashing! Did this just begin when you updated Axure RP 10 to build 3847 or was it happening prior to that? If you weren’t experiencing the crashing on the last stable build (3845) then you can try rolling back to the previous build here.

Regarding the crashing, it would help us if you could share more information about when the crashes happen. Please send the following information to our support team’s main channel via email at so that we can assist:

  1. Does a specific action such as saving the file or adding an interaction cause the crash?

  2. Is this behavior happening in one specific file or can it also happen in a new file? If just one file is showing the crash behavior, then would it be possible to send a copy of the .rp file so that we can investigate?

  3. To allow us to check the errors that are occurring when Axure RP crashes, please open the Finder on your Mac and use “Go > Go to Folder” to navigate to the file path below:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-10-0/logs 

    When you reach the file path above, please attach the “error_log” and “post_log” files that have the dates that you’ve noticed the crashing. We can take a look at these to unearth clues about why the crash is happening.

  4. Please also send along any Mac crash logs that you have. To find these, please open the “Console” app on your Mac, then look in the left-hand sidebar under “Diagnostic Reports” for any entries with “Axure” in the title. If you find any please attach those in your email to along with the other details so that we can help!