Axure 8 font problems

For some reason, fonts seem to break in Axure 8 for me. For example, I’ll pull in a widget (which doesn’t have a font assigned in styles) and when I start typing, the font looks fine. Then I click outside of it, and breaks. This happens with alot of my fonts. Very frustrating. Can anyone give me suggestions?

Hi yantiarifin,

Thanks for posting about this. There may be a few factors at play here, and we can certainly try narrowing this down with a few troubleshooting questions, below:

  1. Would you happen to be using any kind of font manager (e.g. Skyfonts, Universal Type Client) beyond the default provided by the OS?

  2. Which version of Windows or Mac are you running?

  3. When you mention this error happening for a lot of your fonts, would you be able to categorize which kinds of fonts work and which don’t? For example, do default system fonts work as opposed to new fonts you’ve recently installed?

  4. If possible, please record and post a screencast video showing the error.

Thank you!

Also using Axure 8 and my fonts are not rendering correctly when published and shared with my clients.
I followed this steps and it’s still not working? Advice needed


Ahh, it looks like the method you used is from a thread that was closed due to that method being unsupported since it requires users to go “under the hood” of the tool. The current supported method for adding fonts as web fonts to your prototype is below:

Web fonts & Font Mapping

Setting up your fonts as web fonts will allow the publicly hosted prototype to correctly render the fonts on machines that don’t have the font locally installed. Hopefully that helps!

I’m having the same issue. I have fonts installed and they work in other applications but not in Axure 8. I’ve added the web fonts and that’s not working either. The fonts render correctly when the text is seletected, but on de-selecting the fonts return back to a default font. Any ideas?

I used to have the same bug a few times and I found this solution:

  1. add font as a webfont (you’ve already done with it)
  2. then generate HTML files from your prototype (menu Publish -> Generate HTML files… -> “Generate” button)
  3. Save your project and exit
  4. then open it again and publish your project to Axshare
    That’s it! When you’ll open your project link again you’ll see that all webfonts rendered well.

I don’t know why, but it’s worked for me every time I had problems with webfonts.

Thanks for your suggestion.

In the end I realised I’d set the page font to a particular font rather than “applied font”. Changing this fixed the issue.

Newbie mistake :slight_smile:

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