Axure 8 not recognizing first click after a swipe

I have a dynamic panel with some swipe events and items inside it with click events, and if I swipe it takes 2 clicks to trigger any of the click events.

Actually it doesn’t need an initial swipe first, it’s just very erratic with click events.

Yes, I’ve noticed this as well and reported it as a bug, I believe back in Axure 6. Drag and Swipe events conflict with Click events in Dynamic Panels. It may be endemic to javascript and browser handling of events. Understandable, as all these involve a mouse (or touch) down, moving the cursor a bit (often even when simply clicking) and releasing the mouse button or finger. An OnClick event is triggered only at that last step, so an OnDrag or OnSwipe event would be triggered before an OnClick.

My workaround is to use the OnMouseUp event instead of OnClick event for Dynamic Panels and widgets in a Dynamic Panel when there is also OnSwipe or OnDrag events. For further control I track how much the cursor has travelled with [[math.abs(TotalDragX)]] (and/or TotalDragY) to provide some wiggle room—literally—for “sloppy clicks” (very important for mobile and touch screens) and to prevent triggering a click at the end of a swipe or case.

Look for OnMouseUp in the More Events droplist. You can cut actions from OnClick and paste to OnMouseUp.


I consider this a workaround, not a solution. Is there an official response on this or is “well sometimes swipes make clicks not work” an acceptable answer for a prototyping tool?