Axure 9 Adaptive Views

Adaptive view not working in the work space canvas area or preview mode. However, it was working in Axure 9 Beta but not in the current release. Is this a bug or are there additional steps or a new flow in 9 that need to be taken to get this functionality to work as they did in the 9 Beta and previous versions?

I have more or less the same issue. During a long period my adaptive views are working correctly. But suddenly one of the views brake and will present the base view (mobile in my case). When I switch via the dropdown in preview modus the correct view shows. Do other users have the same issue?

I can’t fix it other than rebuilding the complete view.
Currently using Axure 9 version


Hmm, as a first step could you see if updating to the newest build, 3661, resolves the issue for you? If it persists after the update then if you happen to still have a file that’s in the described state then would you mind emailing it to so that we can take a look? This would help us to investigate and diagnose whether there’s a bug or an odd file-specific issue affecting the adaptive views. Thank you!

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