Axure 9 and publish to multiple URL's


  • Axure 9 is unstable, crashes even on starting a file (especially project files), performs poorly on Mac OS
  • multiple action definition not possible anymore for interactions… I have to add action step-by-step
  • Publishing on different URL’s is realized close to “unusable” (thanks Alyssa for your quick answer -> too bad the post was closed after 7 days (why??) and I was not able to reply so I had to open a new topic. The solution now is that you can publish to new URL’s but only one time. Next time you alter something you have to publish to a new URL again -> that makes no sense.

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Hmm, is Axure RP 9 still crashing regularly for you? If so, can you verify that you’re currently on the latest build (“Help > Check for Updates”)? This will help to ensure that you have the latest fixes and performance optimizations, which should help to address crashes and performance issues that affected earlier builds of Axure RP 9. If you still get the crashes and slowness on the latest build, then would you mind emailing more details about how and when the crashes are triggered (e.g. opening pages, switching pages, opening dynamic panels) over to If specific files seem to also be crashing regularly, then we’d be happy to take a look at those if you’re able to share them.

As far as publishing to an existing URL without publishing to a new one each time, this is still possible. Usually the project ID that was last published to should be visible, but if not then you can open the workspaces popup, click > “Replace Existing Project”, and then choose the existing ID that you want to overwrite. Hopefully that helps!


Hello Alyssa
yes I always use the latest build. The stability issues are really obnoxious - I never had so many crashes with any previous versions. I may test the PC version of Axure 9 - but at the moment the Mac version is close to unusable (especially together with the other limitations like handling multiple URL’s including updating them!).


Thanks for the followup, good to know that it’s happening on the latest build! What version of macOS are you currently running, and are you seeing that the crashing happens in a specific scenario (e.g. working with large images or with a repeater/dynamic panel)? Also, do you happen to be working on a very high resolution monitor on your Mac? This will help to get a general sense of what type of issue may be triggering the crashing for you since we’re still investigating some lingering performance issues. If anything seems to be specific to your file then please go ahead and email that to if you haven’t already; if it seems to be specific to your hardware (e.g. happens on a certain monitor) then more information about your setup would also help!

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