Axure 9 Dynamic Panel Navigation

When I switched to Axure 9 I didn’t really like the new way that dynamic panels were displayed. After some time I have gotten used to how things work, and I think overall I like them inline better, even though it makes it impossible to have two panels open at the same time like you could do with tabs before.

But there is one thing that I can’t get used to. When navigating nested dynamic panels you double click on the panel to go a layer deeper. I double click off the panel and expect to go one level up, not to the root of the page. I can’t count how much time I have wasted because of this. A lot of times i was actually trying to go up a level, but there are plenty of other times that I am buried deep and don’t quite click the panel I was intending to open resulting in having to start over navigating to it from the base page. So frustrating.

Am I the only one that has this problem? Is there a preference somewhere I can set?

Btw- I understand you can use the outline in the top blue bar, but it is far less efficient and for some reason it’s something that is just far less intuitive for my fingers.

You can also use the Outline pane on the left to jump around between states, especially in multiple nested DPs. I find this far easier than double clicking up and down through the layers.

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You can also use the escape key. I’m trying to get into that habit, for the same reason.


+1 for the escape key. It’s taken me ages to get used to doing this. You need to play to see the effect. If you’re in a text box within a group within a DP then 2 escapes (I think) will get you back to the root of the DP. Another escape will get you back to the root of the document

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Thanks! I didn’t know that. I have started using it and it seems to be the best option.