Axure 9: Dynamic panel opacity setting missing from Style tab


This was an oversight in Axure 8, too. Dynamic panels indeed have their own opacity setting, but you can only set it through code and not in the Axure UI (e.g., the Style tab.)

Note that setting the opacity of a DP (through code) does not affect the opacity of the widgets in the panel, as you can see in this image below.

The two gray rectangles are in a DP whose opacity is set to 50 percent. Note that you cannot see the back rectangle through the front rectangle because these rectangles are opaque, but you can see the circle (not in the DP) through both rectangles, because the DP containing the rectangles is partially transparent.

Hi josephxbrick,

You’re right! It looks like the opacity of dynamic panels can be changed through code, but not through the Axure RP UI, and I’ll go ahead and file this with our product management team to see if we can give users this styling option.