Axure 9 fixed canvas

Hi !

Since I have Axure 9; I can’t find how to lock/fixed the canvas position.
I can go “out” of the white canvas, and it’s quite embarassing.
I know how to fix/lock rulers, but not the canvas.

Thank you for your help!

This has just been added as a new option in the latest release. It’s in the Canvas tab of settings on the Mac, untick ‘Negative Canvas Regions’.

You’ll need version for this.

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Thank you
So with the version, I can’t lock it ?


Correct, you’ll need to update. This is a new feature in response to user feedback. I think it may allow reinstatement of the way RP8 handles things, but I haven’t used that in ages, so I can’t remember.

To update, go to Help > Check for Updates on a Mac.

I did it ! Much better !!
Thank’s a lot for your help

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