Axure 9 hosted prototype - GET LINK capability

Is there a way to generate a dedicated link to a specific page in an Axure 9 prototype similar to what was available in version 8 (GET LINK capability)? If it’s there, I’m not seeing it.

I’m able to reduce the left rail (sitemap) accordingly, to give the appearance of a dedicated page, but doing that still gives customers the potential to access to the sitemap if they hover over the correct spot on the screen (this can be very confusing during usability testing). Secondly, it’s creating some sort of iFrame making full screen grabs impossible. Any tips much appreciated.


Yes, unfortunate that this option disappeared. Here’s a method for manually converting the URL for a given page to a link that goes right to the page. In this example it’s hosted on Axshare: I’ve not yet tried it hosted on another server.

If the URL for a page named Page 1 in the page list is this:

…take the value after “p=” and before “&amp” (which in this instance is “page_1”), add it to the base URL, and give it an html extension:

You can also simply take the name of the page in Axure, and assuming it has no special characters and there’s no other page in the prototype with the same name, convert the page name to lower case and replace any spaces with an underscore. Then add that to the base URL with an html extension.

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Perfect! The workaround worked like a charm. Thank you!