Axure 9: Javascript API updates & changes?

since Axure’ autogenerated HTML/JS/CSS code has been updated, I have the following two questions:

  1. Will Axure still provide an API (as described here for manipulating the elements of a prototype? Will you document it? And how similar will the end-result be?

  2. To be more specific, I tend to use setGlobalVariable and the element identifiers ("@[name]") quite a bit. Will these two things be available in version 9?

My hope/wish is that you offer similar functionality for Axure 9. Since a couple of lines of JS can take me and a couple of others quite a way.


Hi Lennart!

While we aren’t able to provide a timeline of when the API for Axure RP 9 will be released, what we can say is that the functionality should remain more or less the same as the API for Axure RP 8, but we don’t officially support the Axure Javascript API (the Dejongh link).