Axure 9 or 10 in Win10 21H1 is not using GPU and very lag in laptop

forgive my English level

my laptop is DELL new xps 17 (4K monitor), Nvidia 2060 max Q GPU. and it has a intel integrated GPU. When I use axure 9 or 10, I found it very lag. I open task manager and see the intel GPU is 100%, but Nvidia GPU is only 20%.

normally I can go to Nvidia control pannel and set axure to use NVIDIA GPU, but it’s not working since windows 10 2004 update (now I am 21h1 update and still the same), becase windows has override GPU control in its own setting pannel.

when I go to windows’s own setting pannel and set axure to use NVIDIA GPU, it’s not working, because the intel GPU is 90%, and windows think its OK not to use NVIDIA GPU, but whether 100% or not, Intel GPU is lag.

now I had to buy a monitor, because XPS 17 BIOS can set NVIDIA GPU go straght to outside monitor. But not the laptop’s monitor, because laptop’s monitor is connected only to intel GPU, disable it is not an option.

so now I have to use outside monitor to use axure, and it’s ok, not lag. But adobe software doesn’t have the problem, when I use Illustrator or Photoshop with laptop’s monitor, it’s smooth, I think microsoft or adobe have done some special job. so I wish microsoft or axure can solve the problem and let windows choose GPU more smart.