Axure 9 shapes / rendering / display in Safari

Still missing feature from AX8. It simply does not show in Safari , even Overview of New Features doesn’t work properly. Tested on Mac OS HighSierra 10.13.6 (17G65) / Safari 11.1.2 (13605.3.8)

Hi uxkarel!

Would you happen to be on a machine using a different display language? Our QA team was able to reproduce similar behavior where some shape widgets don’t appear in the browser output using a different display language (e.g. French, German, etc.). If so, I’m happy to report that our dev team is currently working on a fix for the issue, and you can check for the updated build via “Help > Check for Updates” from the main menu of the Axure RP 9 Beta.

If that doesn’t check out, could you post your RP file here so that I could take a closer look? If you could also attach some screenshots of what you see in Axure RP vs what you see in the browser output, that’d be helpful as well. Ty!

Hi Jane,
It could be definitely that case. Just dwnld last beta. But strange it logout me , so I have to find my login…
Nevermind I can manage it. Will report back if issues are still there. Thanks for such great support


PS I am using CZ:CS language on my Mac so it could be with high percentage of possibility.Will look forward to update.

Small update: I did some lill research there , it could help your QA . Looks like SVG Axure generates is not rendered at all. Just checked dev inspector in safari and SVG it points to is blank / transparent
eg. src of SVG looks kinda ok , I am not sure but it won’t render in Safari neither
Could not upload SVG cause restriction , so here is link if it any helps.

Hi uxkarel!

We actually just released build 3614 of the Axure RP 9 Beta that should include a fix for the issue. Could you try it out to see if that helps? You can update by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates” from the main menu, or by grabbing the installer directly from

As for the logged-out issue, our QA team was wondering if you were licensed using a perpetual or subscription license? And were you on build 3611 before updating to build 3612?

Hi Jane,
It works just great! All SVG are there. Will you suggest to use Beta for actual production or should we not attempt it ?Anyway thanks for helping me out, much appreciated.
About that logging issue. It was something with previous build 3611 , now its ok with latest one 3612

Hi uxkarel,

Excellent - that’s great to hear.

Since Axure RP 9 is still in beta testing, we recommend against upgrading major projects to Axure RP 9 until it is out of the beta period. If you would like to test any projects with the 9 beta, please make sure to use the “File > Save As” command to save the projects, rather than “File > Save”, so that the original RP 8 file does not get overwritten to the RP 9 file format. :slight_smile:

Yes , great advice since it could be unpredictable that beta I am using it against minor projects. If they will run OK in longer term We will gladly switch to Nine. Thanks