Axure 9 Sketchy Effects

Firstly, great work Axure team for getting Version 9 out the door!

I’m just checking if I’ve missed where to find sketch effects in the new live version of Axure 9? I can’t find anything in any of the release notes. The ability to turn entire pages quickly into a sketchy, greyscale wireframe was key to moving up/down levels of fidelity while prototyping. I know in the past the Axure team was exploring whether it would be included. Did this make it into the release? Is there any way to find out if it is planned for a near further release, or is still up for debate?


It’s not there afaik :-/ Was looking for it yesterday too…

This would be a deal breaker for me if it doesn’t exist in Axure RP 9. Can someone from Axure confirm please?

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They were not present in beta so I doubt they made it to final release…

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Hi all! As agilek mentioned, the Sketch effects suite of features was not present in the beta, and has not made it into the final release of Axure RP 9. We are aware that some features, such as the grayscale toggle, are missed by many, and are open to receiving feedback if you email it to (per new forum policy we’re directing all feedback and feature requests to email). Thank you!