Axure 9 slow and crashing Windows 10

Has anyone else experienced extreme slowness and/or crashing? I can be working in 3 page prototype or 23 page prorotype with complex actions both behave the same. Just switching from one page to another takes at least 18 seconds. God forbid I made a mistake. Also, crashes at least twice. I’ve been in both dark mode and light. Tried reducing screen resolution. Nothing seems to help. Thanks for your feedback.

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Yes it is extremely slow if you have multiple dynamic panels in your prototype.
I am also facing the same issue. The generation of the prototype in cloud also fails many times.

Hi creartiv and djay!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re both experiencing these issues! To further investigate the cause of this behavior, could you please email us at with the following information:

  1. Please send along the prototype’s project file where this slowness and/or crashing occurs! This should help us review the file’s behavior on our end and look into any possible solutions to these issues.

  2. Please send in your Axure logs as well. You can find these logs by navigating to the following path:


Please note that “AppData” is a hidden folder, so you can copy and paste the path into your File Explorer field or make sure that your File Explorer settings are set to show hidden folders when navigating to this path.

Once in the “Axure-9-0” folder, locate and right-click on the “logs” folder and select “Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder”. This will create a new ZIP file for the “logs” folder that you can attach in your email.

Finally, I wanted to mention that there were some optimizations for Windows systems available in the most recent release candidate for Axure RP 9. Please let us know if running this release candidate improves these project file’s performance on your end! You can check for this update by going to “Help > Check for Updates” and checking the checkbox for “Include beta channel builds”.

Thank you!

Mine too has multiple dynamic panels, it’s either that or 100+ pages. Between the multiple clicks to do basic things, I lose about an hour a day. Things like changing text color (Axure 8 the last color you used persisted so when you clicked on the next text box it was simple and one click). Almost everything now is multiple clicks.

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Same here with Axure on Windows. No crashing, but practically with every click Axure hangs responseless for a few seconds. Quite annoying.
Size and complexity of the project doesn’t seem to matter.
On Mac it’s working smoothly.

Hi freiand!

Sorry to hear that you’re running into this issue! In order to further investigate this, please feel free to send the following in this forum thread or by emailing out support team at

  1. What Windows operating system are you using when you see this issue?

  2. Did this only start happening after updating to 3686, or were you seeing slowed performance with previous builds as well?

  3. Could you send a video of the performance you’re seeing when working with Axure RP 9? This could help to try and reproduce this on our end.

  4. Are you seeing the same performance issues when working with an existing project and when working with blank or new project?

  5. In the past, we’ve seen some performance issues occur due to certain display configurations. Could you tell me about any screens or external monitors in use when you see this behavior occur? Information on display scaling and monitor resolution may help to investigate this further.

In the meantime, if this issue only started occurring when working with the latest 3686 build, please feel free to try uninstalling Axure RP 9 and reinstalling a previous version of Axure RP 9 such as 3684 or 3681 through the download links on our release history page.

Thank you!