Axure calculating the height of a dynamic panel erroneously on cloud


After rounds of testing, I found out today that Axure RP 9 calculates the height of a dynamic panel erroneously on the cloud when the “Fit to content” checkbox is checked. This happened when I tried to hide/show the dynamic panel and simultaneously calculate its height. This doesn’t happen locally but only happens on the cloud.

Has anyone else faced this?

-Mani B


I have not found this to be the case. Could you post your .rp file or show some screenshot/video examples? Maybe there is something else going on with your code. …Or, I’m not understanding something about your setup.

Here is a quick demo with a repeater inside a dynamic panel (dp). The dp is set with the default “Fit to Content” option so the size of the repeater determines the height of the dynamic panel. There are buttons to add a row, delete a row, and show/hide the dp. You can add/delete rows when the dp is hidden, of course. A height calculation is shown with the dp’s Resized event, and it works correctly both in local preview and in HMTL/Cloud.

DP height.rp (57.9 KB)

Axure Cloud Proto: