Axure Cloud - automatic apdate?


I’m looking for answer about can I steup my axure desktop file automatic update in Axure cloud? Just to forget to pres share button + update… any solution?

Thx for any info :slight_smile:

Hi krybcz,

Thanks for posting! As you have mentioned, the current way to publish an update to your project on Axure Cloud would be to select the “Share” button, and then continue to click “Update”. However, I can see how it would be useful to be able to set up automatic updates to a project hosted on Axure Cloud, and I have gone ahead and submitted a feature request for this on your behalf.

I hope this helps, and please write in to us at if you happen to come across any additional features you would like to see added to Axure RP.

Best wishes,
Axure Customer Support

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