Axure Cloud constantly 502/504 errors



Is there something down on Axure? Been happening all this week


Hi @ewhite,

I’m sorry to hear that. Can you tell us a little more about the 502/504 errors? Do you see this when browsing to, doing a certain action in Cloud, or when viewing a specific prototype? If specific to a prototype, could you send the project ID and .rp file to Could you also send us a screenshot with the console/network inspect tool open when the errors happen?



Happens in all interactions of the cloud. It’s a backend network error, I wouldn’t have access to your logs


Hi @ewhite,

The console or network tab might show an error code that we could look up on our end to see what may be causing the issue. You could also send us a HAR file when the 500 errors occur, by right-clicking on the page > Inspect > selecting the “Network” tab, and right-clicking on any of the items under “Path” to select “Save all as HAR with content”. You could send those screenshots and/or HAR file over to Let us know!