Axure cloud link doesn't show a widget in the browser

If i use the preview from axure, this dynamic panel shows in the browser.
But if use the share link of axure cloud, this dynamic panel doesn’t shows in the browser. Note that i didnt change anything beside uploading it to the cloud and immediately clicking the cloud share link.

Could you post a link for people to try? Uploading the .rp file will help as well. In the meantime, you could try clearing your browser’s cache. Also make sure there are no plugins in the cloud project that might affect visibility of widgets.

Here’s the axure cloud link
Correction if anyone wondering, what i mean by preview from axure is the local preview.
I also attached the .rp file.
SaveMe TESTING.rp (2.3 MB)

Sorry :sweat_smile: i forgot to mention it was fixed by inserting different image in the dynamic panel. But still, i would be thankful if someone can explain what happened