Axure cloud vs. AxShare - Pretty URLs and Redirects

I’ve been working on a prototype for a client for quite a while and I have published this on AxShare for some Usability testing. Now, I have been migrating to the new axure cloud and this is where my it gets confusing.

  • In the overview, I can see all my pages, However, no matter which page I select for either preview or inspect, it always displays one specific page.
  • Inspect does not do anything. THe ‘Inspect’ tab is activated, but there’s no side bar and no layout information is dsiplayed.

Now, here’S what I think has happended: In AxShare there have been two menu entries, namely ‘Pretty URLs’ and Redirects, which are missing from the new Axure cloud (or I just didn’t find them until now). Within the ‘Pretty URLs’ section, I have set one page as the default page, and this is the page that now is the only one I can view in Aure Cloud. Since Axure Cloud does not have the option to change the default page, next thing I’ll try is to revert to the old AxShare, disable the default page and then see if it works in the new cloud.

Anyhow, has anybody else come across this behaviour? Is this feature just missing from Axure Cloud and when will this be implemented?

Thanks - Jens

Update OK, now that worked: I removed the default URL using the AxShare Interface, move to the new Axure Cloud again - and voily: Preview and Inspect are functioning again. So, definitely something to fix for the Axure Team I think.

Hi! Thanks for bringing this up. Our QA team is aware of this issue and are looking into it. In the meantime, the solution that you found by reverting to classic Axure Share and removing the default page is the current workaround, so we’re glad that helped!

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