Axure doesn't ignore the click that gives its window focus, commits changes to interaction


This just happened to me, and it’s an easy repro:

  1. Start editing an interaction
  2. Switch to a different window
  3. Switch back to Axure by clicking on its canvas area, but not on the widget you were editing
  4. The changes to the interaction are committed, because Axure didn’t ignore the click that gave its window focus like most applications do. Also, the item you were editing is no longer selected, so you have to find it again in order to continue.

This may sound like an obscure non-problem, but the app I switched to was calculator, which I use all the time when I’m prototyping. It’s a small app, so switching windows by clicking on the window behind it is natural, and typically non-destructive.

Mac build 3617

Hi josephxbrick,

Got this one too - thanks for the clear repro steps!