Axure elements displaying at different sizes when file is opened on another computer

On two different Windows machines (with Windows 10 operating system) elements including fonts and shapes are drawn at the wrong size. For instance, I have a rectangle that on my computer is 168 px wide. On my associates computer, the same file displays the rectangle at 171 px wide. This bug has made the file totally useless, and may prevent us from using Axure at all in the future.



Hi mbaiscuk,

Are you seeing this discrepancy on the same browser on the two machines, and are both machines using the same screen resolution and display scaling? To help with this, any additional information that you can provide about the display scaling and resolution of the affected monitors, whether the browser zoom level for both is at 100%, and what build of Axure RP 8 you’re using would help to verify what’s amiss. If you could send that information and the affected file to then we can take a closer look.

As a heads up, all urgent cases should be directed to to make sure they’re seen as quickly as possible by Axure staff. Thank you!

Hi Alyssa,
Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I’m referring to the source Axure file (.rp) displaying elements at differing sizes when opened on different computers (though both machines are running Windows 10). We have checked everything we could to try to isolate the problem. The only difference seems to be the Windows 10 build number. Also, note that all affected elements do have text in them - though the font is the same build of Arial on both computers.
Please advise. I can be reached by email or at (408) 306-2665 for further questions.
Thanks for your help.