Axure help needed please


I need help trying to figure out how to do this on Axure RP.

I have applied a master to my header. When I click on the text such as “Login” I want it to renavigate to the login page but once it is on the login page I want the header to display login with a specific style (ex: color should be orange). Since I have this master for the header on the actual login page with the text in black, it will only link to the login page with it displayed in black. How can I get the master header to click on login with the applied style? If someone could please help!! I have spent the last few hours trying to figure it out.

Thank you so much,

Hi @uxdesigner101,

you could

  1. define a Selected style of you login text (maybe in red color)

  2. add an Onload interaction with a variable condition to select this text

  3. and then OnClick change the variable’s value and go to the Login page

Not sure if it is clear, here what it’s like in a prototype:
Red login.rp (63.2 KB)

Hope it is what you expected to do