Axure ignoring a hide command?

I have a model which the user can switch between three graphic themes and am having trouble with one element that is common to two of the three, and different in the third.

Here is the scenario…
In theme one and two the image is shown, while in theme 3 a different version of the image is shown.
To make this work I’m using a button group that shows and hides the items appropriately for each theme.

The trouble I’m running into is that 2 or 3 theme changes in theme 3 stops hiding the item it’s supposed to hide. In the initial run through it works fine - it seems to be ignoring the hide command once the theme has been changed a couple times…

Apologies for not including a sample of the actual file, but the work is client confidential. The attached file is scripted the same way as my client file, but (annoyingly) doesn’t have the same issue… Is there a reason why Axure would just start ignoring a hide command?


3 theme hider_sample file.rp (56.7 KB)

Too bad you can’t provide the actual source file… it would seem there is something critically different with it and the sample you did upload. One thing you could try, if you trust the folks at Axure to be confidential, is sending an email directly to and include the file. Or, can you swap out the confidential images and text with placeholders and post here?

In general to debug this, I would suggest turning on the prototype console viewer in the browser (in RP8 this is on the far left of the sitemap pane; in RP9 this in upper right of frame.) You should be able to see if the Hide command is actually called or not. If it is initially called but then not after a few times, I would suspect that either it is being disabled or some widget is obscuring the button (or whatever) that hides theme 3, thus preventing it from being clicked. If so, you can try assigning mouseover. mousedown, and disabled styles for that button so it is easier to determine if it is enabled and accessible (not behind something else.) You could also assign an OnPageKeyUp event and pick a key (like ‘3’ or ‘B’ or ‘H’) that fires the OnClick of your hide button via keyboard. If you can get it to work via keyboard but not click, then something is most likely obscuring your button.

Another possibility is the widget(s) are getting hidden but some other event is then showing the widget(s)–an event that does not get called until you change themes in a specific way (?)–this should be evident by close examination of the Console trace.

Also, you could try to use different states of the same dynamic panel to represent your different themes. So instead of hiding and showing a bunch of widgets, just change states of the dynamic panel to change themes. See the second page of this updated file:
3 theme hider_sample file.rp (98.8 KB)