Axure keeps pushing everything further out with every click

Why is it that whenever I create a accordion, which basically works… but when I repeat the action and click on an item repeatedly it keeps pushing all other items below further down and down and down until it moves out of the screen. I follow all tutorials and it works only ONCE. Unfortunately I can’t upload anything, due to security restrictions on my laptop. But maybe you had a similar issue and managed to solve it…

Thanks a bunch!

Not sure I’m following. Can you share a screenshot of the interaction logic on your click area?

It’s impossible to say for sure because we don’t know what you’ve actually done, but it sounds like you used a Move action that moves by an amount instead of to a position.

Move By X: 100 will move the widget an additional 100 pixels to the right every time it’s clicked.

Move To X: 100 will move it to 100 on the X axis exactly. Once it’s there, any additional clicks won’t move it because it’s already in that spot.