Axure not displaying the current day from [[Now.getDay()]]

Can anyone tell me why Axure cannot display the current day using the [[Now.getDay()]] function?
Here is the super mini prototype and screenshots.

~ Meredith

Date Display Problem.rp (82.9 KB)

Hi Meredith!

It looks like [[Now.getDay()]] gets the value of the day of the week, rather than the date of the day:

I tested out using [[Now.getDate()]] instead and was able to generate a date of “14”, instead of a “5” for Friday.

I hope this helps!

To chime in: the .getDay(), .getDate(), .getYear(), etc. are all methods of vanilla JavaScript’s new Date() class. If your searches for Axure help are fruitless, try searching for JS stuff! Since AxureScript is basically JQuery which is basically JavaScript, pretty much all the JS bells and whistles are available to you

Thanks for the education everyone! I was using getDay instead of getDate!

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