Axure Preview and share are not showing the same thing - text box is rendering diferently

Size of background box of text is not adapating to the width of the text on Shared site, as it does when previewing the site

Compared to

Hi zohar,

What widget type are you using to house the text/as the background for your text, and is this happening in one specific file or can you reproduce it in a brand new file? If you’re able to post your file or a sample then we can take a closer look at what’s going on and advise. If the file can’t be posted publicly, then please email it to with a link to this thread so that we can assist you privately via email. Thank you!

Hi Alyssa, I’ve created a new file with the tabs. While not as extreme as on my original file, you can see differences between the tabs on preview and on share. There are embedded fonts (Roboto) in there.

tab-test.rp (77.5 KB)

Thanks for that! Hmm, to clarify which behavior you want, do you want the gaps to appear between tabs or have them closed? In the Axure Share link you provided I’m seeing slight variances in the distance between the tabs (one small gap and some instances where they’re just far enough apart for the border to appear doubled), but in the preview of your file the widgets all line up neatly; if the goal is for the widgets to line up like they do in preview, then it looks like turning off “Fit to text width” on the widgets prevents the odd discrepancy seen in the Axure Share URL. Hopefully that helps!

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