Axure Preview / Axure Share very slow

All of a sudden, my project file has become very very slow (The preview keeps on crashing / freezing when scrolling) in the local preview & also when published, the file size is 5mb, and the same file without any changes was running smooth last week, are there any changes I am unaware of that have been made that may be causing this issue?

Update: The file is a single page with a complex dynamic panel with 80+ icons (SVG’s converted to Shapes) that have been dragged in from a widget library I have created

Axure tends to be slower when previewing and faster when uploaded / exported to HTML. Large / multiple images that increase file size or many / complex objects involving calculations (repeaters are often the most noticeable), will also slow down your UI.

You say complex dynamic panel with 80+ icons, which depending on how it’s structured could be your problem. If it really is that complex I would suggest breaking it into less complex components if you can.

If you still need to keep it all together, I would next check if you can simplify your Interactions and avoid any loops. As well if you are using Raise or Fire Events they could slow things down depending on how many connections you’ve made to them, especially if they “refresh / reload” anything.

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I had realised one of the components in the dynamic panel included OnLoad interactions that included a Rotate, Wait & Fire OnLoad, Once I removed the interactions the page was loading without any issues again.