Axure Preview not loading - getting blank page : axplayer.js:296 (failed)

Hi guys,

Since a few days now, I’m not able to preview my project in Google Chrome, neither Edge. As I check the in the development mode of Chrome, I can see that a js file failed to load : axplayer.js

I’ve also notice that my company’s antivirus has been updated few days ago so the issue might be linked to this antivirus update.

Any idea about a fix please ? Do I need to set this file as trusted within my company’s antivirus ?

Thank you,

Axure Pro Edition

Hi! Yes, if the local preview for prototypes was previously working fine but then suddenly stopped after an antivirus update, then it would be worth checking with your IT team/the team that manages your workstation to verify that none of the settings are causing the file that failed to load in your screenshot to fail to load. While you’re at it, you’ll also want to verify in your proxy and firewall settings that Axure RP is allowed access to the localhost at which is needed for generating previews. Hopefully that helps!

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