Axure Publish to Cloud Share link is not working


The cloud share link is not working strangely from past 2 days.
For Axure 9 I’m getting blank page when I click on the

For Axure 8 page is displaying but OnClick actions / Interactions are not working:

Hi Srini1226!

Hmm, I tested out your Axure RP 9 project link and was able to see some widgets display on the page. Are you still seeing a blank page on your end, or has this issue been resolved?
It looks like I can’t access the Axure RP 8 project because it is password protected. Are you still having issues with this project file? If any issues are persisting, and you would prefer not to post your Axure RP 8 file on the forum, please email our support team at so that we can take a closer look.

Thank you!