Axure Repeater Filter Causing Data Table to Disappear

Hi there,

I’m trying to filter a repeater. I have a drop down menu that is supposed to filter the whole data table below it by the Status column. When I try to make a dropdown selection, the data in the table disappears. I’m on a Mac and have already deselected "Use smart quotes and dashes” in my settings.

Help! What am I missing?

Repeater Filter Issues.rp (98.5 KB)


There are two issues. The first is that you are using the Click or Tap interaction instead of the Selection Changed interaction. So it doesn’t filter on the thing you select until you click it afterwords.

The other thing is you’ll want to delete other filters when creating a filter. Otherwise you’ll be asking for an employee whose status is both hired and terminated, which is impossible. (There’s a “delete other filters” checkbox in the create filter UI.

Thank you so much! It’s fixed.

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