Axure RP 10 Beta Updates


Hello and thank you to everyone testing and providing feedback on the beta version of Axure RP 10!

This forum thread will be updated when new builds of RP 10 are available. To download an update, go to Help > Check for Updates in RP 10.

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To submit feedback, bug reports, or questions about the beta, please email us at

Axure RP

  • Fixed issue removing error state from widgets in the HTML
  • Fixed issue previewing pages with names containing non-Latin alphabet characters

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Preview not working for Windows 10

To download the latest update, go to Help > Check for Updates in RP 10.

Axure RP

  • Added ability to edit dynamic panel state names from the state selector or all states view
  • Duplicate a panel state using Cmd/Ctrl + D in all states view
  • Updated masks for hot spots, text links, and components
  • Fixed error optimizing pasted screenshots on Windows
  • Fixed error trying to publish to an Axure Cloud workspace with a long name
  • Fixed progress bar not showing progress on Windows
  • Various bug fixes and improvements