Axure RP 7.0 - Pop Up Window issues

I have many hyperlinks as pop up windows throughout my simulator I have created. They take me to external urls but sometimes they randomly open in the current window instead of the pop up that I selected.
Also the pop up settings for width and height and scrollbars, resizing options doesn’t seem to be retained after I select it in the properties.

Does anyone know how to fix both these issues?

Hello! For those following along at home, InTheWide wrote in to our help desk about this issue. The behavior is very similar to a bug that we have filed on our end for Axure RP 7.0; if a link is created with “Open in Current Window”, and is then changed to “Open in Popup Window”, then any setting changes made for the popup window will not stick. This particular bug fix was not applied in version 7, but was applied in 8. If anyone has encountered similar odd behavior with popup windows, then please try running the trial for Axure RP 8 to see if the behavior is resolved there: