Axure RP 9 dialog that shows after clicking "open link" interaction

I have a simple interaction to open a new page. This is setup as:

  • Click or Tap
  • Open Link
  • Page name

When I preview/generate the html, rather than the click taking me straight to the page, I get a dialog which needs to be clicked before taking me to the page, I’ve circled this in red: on%20click

Am I able to suppress this so it takes me straight to the page on the first click rather than requiring a second click?

This happens when you add an empty case to an interaction. Delete the click interaction and recreate it without a case and this will go away.

Many thanks for the speedy reply Dave. I’ve deleted and recreated, but have the same issue - when I hover over the interaction I can see the option “Enable Cases” which suggests that there are none against this particular interaction?

I’m on Axure RP which was only released this month, so could be a bug?

It could be - I’d suggest you post the relevant portion of your .rp file so that other users (and Axure support) can take a look.

Please see attached, the “Save” button will load the page again.

empty case interaction.rp (93.4 KB)

Thanks - I can’t see any reason why this might be happening. I suspected it might be a behaviour related to the mobile viewport (i.e. it was treating the first tap as a hover event or something), but those are definitely case popups - I can see them marked as such in browser console. I’d advise emailing Axure support and reporting a bug.

Hi! I took a look and it appears that the case bubble is popping up in your file due to the HTML generator settings under the “Interactions” tab. If you have “Always show case names” enabled then the case bubble will pop up and show either the case name or an empty bubble if the case has no name/there’s only one case. Switching to “Show case names only with multiple cases” or “never show case names” should remove the bubble.

Hopefully that does the trick!

Perfect, thank you - that’s sorted it!

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