Axure RP 9 - Displaying repeater lists onto second page error. Undefined?

I am working on using repeater to display a certain custom lists onto a different page. This method works half if it makes sense as it does create the repeater box onto the second page. however it does not display the text i have entered into the first page box. As when i click submit on second page all it does is show as undefined. I am fairly new to axure but even then i feel like i should be fine with axure up until this point. I have attached my file to show as sample. could anyone help me fix this somehow? Also perhaps explain where i went wrong, I would much appreciate it thanks!.

The file is below but here is a link to access and preview it online:

RepeaterPasstoNextPage.rp (56.3 KB)

The local variable that sets the “origString” global variable is undefined.

Setting it to use the text on the input widget seems to get things working.

yes! thank you. it works now. stupid mistake as it’s my first time but now it seems to be working thank you! however just a question. what if i would like to edit that same list i have now added to the repeater table. is there a way for me to be able to edit it? i am able to delete the list from repeater but could not find much on editing it.

Are you wanting to edit the repeater on Page 1 and have it update on Page 2?

The Axure interaction for making changes to existing rows in a repeater is “Update Rows.” Which rows are updated is determined by rules you specify, like if a certain item value contains a specific word then update the selected columns.

In your case, things are more complicated because you not only have to pass the value to the next page, you also have to pass the rule condition as well. If you don’t, the repeater on Page 2 won’t know which row to change.