Axure RP 9 is using 9,60GB of memory

Axure RP 9 is currently using almost 10GB of my computer ram :sweat_smile:
How much is it using on your side ?
Any clue on this ?

Hi JCG! Do you usually tend to keep Axure RP open at the end of the day (e.g. leaving a file open and putting the machine to sleep) or does the RAM get into this state on a regular basis? If Axure RP is usually open for a while before it uses up this much RAM then please try closing and relaunching the app; this should free up a good portion of the memory usage.

If the memory doesn’t get freed up or if you see it climbs very quickly when working in Axure RP then please let us know if you are using Axure RP 9 on Windows or Mac. Please also let us know if you’re using the latest build of Axure RP 9 (you can check for updates via “Help > Check for Updates”).

If the current memory issue only seems to be happening while working in a particular file then any details that you can share about that file’s size, complexity, and what types of edits seem to make the memory usage spike more would be helpful for our investigation. Feel free to send the file along to if you’re permitted to share it for troubleshooting!

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Ok, Thanks Alyssa for the quick response.
I’ll use the support email address if this memory issue keep on going

EDIT : I’ve opened a rp file 4 hours ago and the memory used is at 4,5Go.*
I have the very latest version of Axure - and Mac OS 11.2.3.
I’ve relaunched the app and the memory used is now around 400 Mb.

Hello, my Axure RP 9 is using 5GB of my computer ram. I had the same problem like u, but updating it helped me. Maybe try to update it?


I am up to date. The solution to this is to reload Axure. It seems that the memory used increase as long as Axure is running