Axure rp 9 keeps crashing


Since the last update (April 2020) Axure keeps crashing.

I got to change an element in a dynamic panel and I get the rainbow circle of pain. I have to force quit. I’m running out of patience now.

Anybody else facing the same issue? IF so, how did you fix it?


Hey there - I saw similar issues a few versions ago, primarily caused by multiple nested dynamic panels inside repeater rows, on an already-complex page. Does your mockup have something like that?


similar to the DPs but not inside repeater rows.

Do you know of any fixes for this?

I might try and rebuild screen and reduce the DPs.

Hi Lula2017,

Sorry to hear you are encountering some issues with RP crashing after the latest update. To help us gather more information and help diagnose the cause of the issue, would you mind sending the following info over to

  1. What version and build of Axure RP are you currently using? You can check this in “Help > About Axure RP”. If you could also let us know what OS your machine is running (Windows/Mac) that would help to gather logs.
  2. If you’re still able to reproduce the issue, would you mind capturing a video of the problem?
  3. If the issue is happening with just this particular file and you’re allowed to share it (or part of it) privately, please attach the .rp file to your email so that we can take a look alongside our QA team.

Thank you! We’ll keep an eye out for those details so that we can assist.

Just pinged you an email @John_Axure

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