Axure rp 9 - preview pages blank on local


I’ve just created a new page with some text and when I open preview opens in the browser but is blank. I have Kaspersky installed and have tried disabling it, adding in exclusions and everything (as recommended in another post) but still the same. After disabling Kaspersky I have closed Axure down and reopened but the still the same. I’ve tried in Chrome and MS Edge.

Is there anything else I can try?


Hi Stu! Usually disabling or adding in exclusions to Kaspersky does help, but since you’re still unable to preview locally, then do you have any other security settings, such as a proxy, that might interfere with Axure RP’s ability to generate a preview on localhost at

Can you also check to see if you are able to generate and view the local HTML files (via “Publish > Generate HTML Files”)? This will help to verify that just preview is being affected, and you can also use that option as a workaround in the meantime.

I have this exact same problem. I also use Kaspersky. I can only view this in Chrome if I publish locally as “HTML” with the chrome extension. But I prefer the preview option better since it’s easier and more seamless.

Hi Connor, thanks for the reply. A day or so later the problem stopped but I have no idea why. I’m just wondering if a reboot fixed the problem. I actually have Kaspersky running now with issues, just wondering if a reboot sorted any exceptions etc. in Kaspersky. I was able to use publish when I had the issue to test on my device.

Thanks for your assistance and I’d like to say what a great tool Axure is! FAR better than any other prototyping tool I’ve used!

Sorry to come back to this after so long. We had a similar a issue in 2019 with RP8, and Kaspersky had to issue a hotfix to our organisation that we understand was later rolled into their product. I only raise it again, as I’ve just started seeing a similar problem again. Not sure if my org has updated Kaspersky overnight, am looking into it. Strangely if I delve through the dev tool in chrome and find the url of the “target” page, I can open it in a new tab just fine.